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Our physical headquarters is located at NAVI: AI New Ventures, at Tecnopuc.
Av. Ipiranga, 6681 - Partenon, Porto Alegre - RS, 90619-900



AIRES at PUCRS would like to invite everyone interested in joining our chapter to become a member of AIRES..

Our goal is to make AIRES at PUCRS a meeting place for all people (PUCRS students, alumni, students from other educational institutions, programmers, enthusiasts, professors, regardless of their level of education or experience) interested in joining forces to advance the ethical debate about AI development.  
At AIRES PUCRS, you will find a place to:

  • Meet and connect with people interested in AI and AI Ethics.

  • Learn about "What is Artificial Intelligence?" and "Why Ethics is important?".

  • Meet researchers in the field (Machine Learning, Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Law, Philosophy, among several others).

  • Have a space to develop projects that intersect with the study of Artificial Intelligence and Ethics.

  • Access to our research repository (300+ books and articles on AI, AI Philosophy, AI Ethics, AI Safety, Machine Learning, Computer Science, Decision Theory, and more).

  • Receive our monthly newsletter, full of recommendations and opportunities from our field of research.

  • Attend conferences with the other AIRES chapters.

  • Join our research projects.

Everyone who wants to be part of AIRES PUCRS will be welcome! 😊

Uma imagem de uma mão humana colocando uma balança sobre mãos robóticas.




Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, BR [Head of Chapter] [General Contact]


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