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Technical Note on the Risks of Using Facial Recognition Technologies in Public Security Applications

In 2022, the Porto Alegre city government said it plans to expand the use of facial recognition cameras in public spaces. This type of technology, Facial Recognition Technology (FRT), will be used for public safety purposes. However, what are the risks associated with using this type of technology, and what should you know before you form an opinion on the subject?


In this paper, "Technical Note: Risks of Using Facial Recognition Technologies for Public Safety Purposes," researchers from the AI Robotics Ethics Society (AIRES) and the Network for Ethical and Safe Artificial Intelligence (RAIES) present arguments from the technical (regarding the technology), legal (regarding the legality of FRTs), and ethical (regarding the ethical problems we face when using FRTs) arenas.


We hope our work can be used to inform the discussion regarding the use of FRTs for public safety purposes.

Access the full note at the link below.

(Our current version is only available in Portuguese, PT-BR)

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