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Data, Responsibly (Vol. 1) Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror is a scientific comic made by Falaah Arif Khan and Julia Stoyanovich.

Falaah is a scientist/engineer by training and an artist by nature. Fascinated by the idea of developing robust and ethical machine learning, Falaah started “Machinelearnist Comics”, a collection of scientific comics that discourse on the current landscape of Artificial Intelligence.

Julia is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Data Science at New York University (NYU). Being passionate about responsible data science, Julia leads the “Data, Responsibly”project, which offers an interdisciplinary course on responsible data science.

The comic addresses, with an accessible language, themes such as digital accessibility and the discrimination generated by biased data. In a comical, critical, and satirical way, it invites us to multiple reflections, providing us with several examples of how these types of technology work.

Passages such as:

We look around and see the most difficult problems we know and decide that since we can't solve them, we should instead get a machine to do it for us.


Data alone cannot tell us whether it is a distorted reflection of a perfect world, or a perfect reflection of a distorted world, or whether these distortions compound.”

Provide us with a small glimpse of the rich and relevant content that the Data, Responsibly comics address.

Mirror Mirror is educational and made for a general audience. As such, it is a relevant addition to the literature, introducing new readers to the challenges we encounter when seeking to develop ethical and safe Artificial Intelligence.

To access all volumes of the Data, Responsibly series, go here!

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